Found 27th Dec 2007
I want to disable voicemails on my o2 phone all together. does anyone know how to do this ? Thanks

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First dial 1760 to turn it off. O2 used to auto activate the voicemail every so often and try to promote the service which pissed a lot of people off. If you want to take it one stage further call your billing dept and ask them to disable Voicemail on the HLR itself Which means to remove the facility completely off the network so dialling 1750 to switch it on wouldnt have any effect

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thanks but u have tried 1750 and 1760 before and it dials but it then disconnects and nothing happens. I have an N95

I dont know if I can call the billing dept because its a work phone. something like 1760 would be good enough for me really ... but that doesnt work for me.

If its the same as payg then when dialling the deactivation number it does ring then hang up but this does de-activate it, theres no confirmation message just auto hang up!

Also you could try typing ##002# and then click on send, this cancels all diverts including Voicemail.

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thanks guys.
ive managed to turn it off via the Nokia N95 options menu.
1760 does disconnect but voicemail still worked.
##002# also works !!

thanks again !!!!! Happy new year everyone and voting A+++ for all.
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