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Found 19th Jul 2018

My mum has a disabled badge issued by Glasgow City Council but are we able to use this down south? My mum and I are going to Manchester in August but I've noticed the badges down south have a timer card thing to be displayed with the disabled badge which is something that isn't used up here? Would we get fined if we didn't have this?
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I'm pretty sure disabled badges are issued by the local councils under rules by the United Kindom so I can't see why they wouldn't be valid darn sarf'.

My mum has a badge and has used it in Ireland, Wales and in Florida\Vegas etc.
This website gov.uk/whe…ark has some information as well but its not as clear cut as my mum has explained to me previously!!
I thought that too! its just with the wee timer card thing that some have badges have (i've only noticed this down south!)
Contact the department that issued your blue badge and ask for a parking clock. You should get a wee clock thing sent out to you and you just turn the wee dial and place it next to your blue badge when you park when in England
We live in South Lanarkshire and have had one sent with our sons blue badge every time we renew.
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We were sent a timer clock with our blue badge in England so I guess it may be different in Scotland but you should be able to request one?

Have a look at section 4 here: gov.uk/gov…and
Thanks guys, helpful advice as always
Local council offices or libraries in Manchester should have one you can buy for about 20p, if you can't get one before you go.

Ring or email Manchester council and they will tell you where to pick one up. We carry them in the office I work at, but it's in a diffrent part of England. You will need the timer card if you use your badge in England.
We’re in highlands of Scotland and my dad was issued a timer thing with his
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