disabled pass chessington ?

    Hi guys does anyone know about new changes to the criteria for getting a disabled pass for chessington from world of adventures?
    My child had special needs but last time I went I took along my dla and diagnosis letter ( high rate care) and got the pass.
    So was going to book for half term but looks like they've changed the terms and say only high rate mobility is accepted not high rate care ? Also last time I took my diagnosis latter but it seems they want a letter explaining that they will have problems waiting (a headed doctors letter) I have a letter that mentions no sense of danger and wonder if that's enough ?
    I'm not gonna fork out a ton of cash for the whole family of we can't get the pass as would be absolute hell for everyone !!!!
    Anyone been in last few months ???


    Have you seen this webpage: Click here

    Have any other queries? Contact them directly.

    Online contact form: Click here

    Hope you find the help and information you need.

    the site states, disabled paying full price and thier carer is free of charge (one carer per one disabled)

    hope this helps

    If shes under a consultant then speak to their secretary and get them to write a letter, its free.
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