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    I purchased Crysis from steam last night at around about 7pm-ish, I left it on till about 12 am for it to download and finally after it had finished i played it for about 5 minutes before i decided i should probably go to bed so that i am able to get up in the morning for uni.

    After about 9 hours i got up and decided i had 3 hours before Uni so i'd try out Crysis again, but when i tried to log into my steam account i was told that my account has been disabled and i must contact steam immediately, which i have done so and after nearly 12 hours no reply yet....

    Is there anything that could be done? such as contact trading standards as they have blocked me from accessing over £200 worth of games for no reason that i can currently see. This is surely illegal or wrong in some way? or at the very least morally wrong - Any suggestions on what i can / should do?




    did you do anything illegal ?

    Sounds like you've flagged up a security alert somehow.

    Had any problems with the card you paid with? Have you bought anything else from them?

    I doubt it's illegal, did you read their t&c's when you first opened your account? This is one of the problems with cloud computing, your giving someone else far too much control over your stuff.
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    Account was made 2006ish when hl2 was first released, have been buying games since then, not done anything illegal, otherwise I'd know what I've done lol

    Had a message from paypal a mOnth ago ish saying they couldn't get funds from my bank but they were taking it up with my bank so I didn't need to do anything and I usually pay steam with pp but used my visa card last night

    Have you used your visa card with steam before? If not then it might be why they have disabled your account as its an unfamiliar transaction, barclays put a stop to my card until i verified my payments online were actually made by me, could be why.
    Hope you get it sorted

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    Dont believe i have used to before last night

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    over 24 hours and no reply to steam ticket yet this is ridiculous - Surely there is something that should prevent them from locking me out of £200 worth of software that i have paid for?

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    Possibly finally got this sorted out....Was a Paypal dispute because paypal couldnt get funds from my bank....( have plenty of money in there )

    sorted it out with paypal now and they said they have e-mailed steam and sorted it with them and i should have my account sorted in 24 hours apparantly.....But we'll see
    if it doesnt get sorted soon steam will disable my account permanently apparantly - meaning i will lose all my games, but i think that was only if the dispute on paypal turns into paypal getting their money back off steam, which they shouldnt do now that i have paid them....

    Cheers for the comments guys


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    Urgh - I had the problem sorted last week, and I went to go back onto steam yesterday to find my account had been deactivated once again!

    Have messaged steam again - but no reply yet...

    To solve the last problem i basically had to rebuy Mafia II again using a different form of payment - which i have done and i even asked the steam technicians if all was done and they told me i can consider the case closed, and now my steam accounts been blocked again!

    I am going to try and get some sort of compensation from them ( not sure what exactly ) as I have been blocked from my account for what seems to be no particular reason.......
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