Disabled student 'forced to work in Abercrombie & Fitch stockroom because of prosthetic arm'

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    A disabled shopgirl yesterday accused a fashion chain of destroying her confidence by 'bullying' her out of her job.

    Riam Dean, 22, who was born without a left forearm, claims she was hidden in a stockroom at Abercrombie & Fitch's London store so customers could not see her prosthetic limb.

    The law student broke down in tears as she told an employment tribunal she was 'taunted' because she did not fit the shop's 'look policy'.

    She also accused bosses of practising a policy of 'eugenics'.


    on the news this morning, overhyped a tad me thinks,
    dailymail cough.


    I read it, i lol'd.

    Strong compensation need in that story...

    3 days old news now.


    to be fair if they didnt want her there they wouldnt of hired her

    and everyone has to start somewhere probably why she was stuck in storeroom

    but the point people are missing is the fact that the shop is poorly managed and ran because to be honest they stuck her in the stock room and what good is she in there only having 1 arm



    3 days old news now.

    HUKD news casters are known to be abit slow

    I'd have had in her in a little room answering phones with no windows for 2 quid an hour ....


    PS The new headline is Michael Jackson is dead ! :-(


    I'd still do her.

    I don't discrim, and if shes fit, shes fit, and she is fit.

    She would have made a good Mannequin !!

    This is why I hate law students..


    This is why I hate law students..

    I'm sure I read somewhere she was also an illegal immigrant ! :?


    Well she looked ok posing for the cameras and not shot of confidence when i was watching the news the other day it stinks like the rest of these cases.


    I'd still do her.I don't discrim, and if shes fit, shes fit, and she is … I'd still do her.I don't discrim, and if shes fit, shes fit, and she is fit.

    Love to see her spear another chick, though.

    my kids love watching CBBC's and they have an excellent presenter (cant remember her name) who doesnt have a hand....some amount of stupid parents complained, I thought it was best thing the bbc had done. it forced me to be parent and explain to my child there was nothing wrong with presenter disablity and they should embrace it rather than pick on it....She is problarly one the most famous cbbc presenter for long while
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