Posted 21st Jul 2022 (Posted 1 h, 25 m ago)
Anyone had this before?
i was in the process of taking a delvery of an Amazon parcel, admittedly booze but i was not happy with the request from the driver to provide details about my date of birth, I provide this info to very few and Amazon do not have it so it was a pointless request.
For the record I am 59 so it is slightly ridiculous for the driver try and verify my age by this method and rudely informed me he "would take "it" the parcel back from me, I told him fine and handed him the parcel....
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    Amazon drivers will request you to verify your age regardless of your age (edited)

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    Not in my opinon it’s not
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    A little petty I fell, the Amazon driver is just doing his job following the protocol. Not like he has enough to do on his rounds. I understand your frustration but this is something just to shrug off and move on I feel.
    that's really the question isn't it,
    are Amazon using their drivers to collect data they wouldn't normally get via their normal channels?
    nearly every other business in the land has instructed staff to only ask for ID if unsure the customer is over the legal age, why would Amazon alone go so much further?
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    If he doesn't he could lose his job. It's the same in shops.

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    No point talking is there maddogb you are not going to listen to other peoples opinon and your opinon is the only one that counts
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    He's doing his job, by the book. He knows it's ridiculous, but good on him.

    Take it up with Amazon
    again missing the point...the driver was rude and confrontational but my real issue is with Amazon, unfortunately their reporting/complaints system is so long winded not gonna make a lot of effort on this. (edited)
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    If you've bought alcohol from Amazon there's always a disclaimer that the driver will ask for your age or any identification.
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    it was probably a joke
    which bit? the "i will have to "TAKE" the parcel back or the DOB request?
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    If you had the parcel just close the door. Its been delivered.
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    I don’t really get what this discussion is about?

    what’s the details you didn’t want to give ? your date of birth?

    because if you’re trying to hide your age from people, you should know, you’ve put it in your discussion details
    In general I am just so confused what the point of this thread is
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    Just buy from elsewhere where you go in person and they have time to spend with the customer, unlike the delivery driver who's got tight deadlines
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    I was asked for id in asda a few weeks back for a pack of 8 cans

    I'm 38, bald, big beard thats going grey, tattoo sleeves on both arms, had a wedding ring on, car keys in hand and my 11 year old son with me

    I laughed as I thought they were doing a "you look young" joke, they weren't and said if I dont show id they won't serve me.
    It is what it is, I showed id and got my stuff

    If amazon don't hold your dob you could have just given a fake one if you are that worried
    As others have said the driver is just doing his job
    Not in maddogb opinon the driver isn’t doing his job
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    Why did you buy alcohol from Amazon if you had no intention of providing ID on delivery? I don’t think there’s been a disagreement with the driver, there’s just been a difficult customer.

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    Good job you were not rude to his face, just on-line
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    I am a Amazon flex delivery driver they have changed it recently to just requiring the year of birth. almost all customers give you the full date of birth even though you have asked for the year.

    This is a copy of what the driver has to adhere to.

    “Age Verified Deliveries contain items such as alcohol or knives and should not be delivered to those under 18 years of age. When delivering an age verified delivery, you must ask all recipients for their year of birth and enter it into the app. Once you enter the recipient's year of birth, the app will display the recipient's age, and if they are under 25 you are required to request a valid ID in order to verify their age. The app will guide you through this process.”

    Previously you had to see a valid government issued photographic id ie driving licence, passport or bus pass regardless of how old the person looked, memorable one was a 89 year old lady. Then another where I had to return a 15 package delivery as the recipient could not provide id my rating got downgraded as It took too long with support (he had a student nus card that was 20 years old with no date of birth on it I did try and felt bad I could not leave the delivery with him)

    They also do random checks I on one occasion did not check the id as the couple were pensioners I got an email warning me my eligibility to deliver for Amazon flex could be affected for any further infringement’s !

    I have recently had 2 random checks (same 23 year old with alcoholic deliveries) where I had to see and verify I had seen evidence. You get an email congratulating you on passing the random id check.
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    Going forward, maybe consider non-alcoholic beverages - no D.O.B verification required and clearer thinking as well.
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    When you make any age restricted purchase from Amazon you will find that it's in their terms and conditions, that the delivery agent will request to see (not just ask you for the details) photo ID that states the date of birth.

    You make the transaction, you agree to that.
    sorry but again simply not true
    "valid photographic ID with a date of birth may be required upon delivery."
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    I had the same experience before and reported the driver to Amazon. They said all driver feedback would be taken into account when renewing contracts. It wasn't the fact they asked for ID but the rude way in which I was asked. I would have also told the driver to go away with the parcel if it wasn't a gift. I'm guessing they don't like it as the delivery takes more time. (edited)
    just say your DOB is 12/03/1842
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    I would like to see how are you like during passport control!?
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    My amazon drivers always ask for date of birth when delivering alcohol, but never to see ID.

    You could always just give them a fake date to go along with your actual year of birth if you're concerned about somebody having your details.
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    amazon is the only retailer that asks for DOB as far as i am aware. the driver asks this because he has to put the DOB into his machine. amazon policy is that you must show ID for purchase of alcohol irrespective of your age, so they are not using the think 25 campaign, they are doing the ID for everyone.

    however within the last year i think, they have softened it a bit, where they only ask to see ID if they think you are under 25 as long as they have a DOB to put into their machine. they would only ask to see the ID if they thought you were under 25, and then put the DOB from your ID into their machine.

    you could of course give them a false DOB if you are concerned about privacy!
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    They should have a common sense, 25plus rule.. Like a supermarket.
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