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I currently have a 16mb internet with and 3 tv mixes with Sky.

I rang and asked that I wanted to upgrade to Sky Multiroom, which was £9.75 extra month, which I was happy to pay. However, I was also hoping that they'd be able to give me a free Sky + box in the process (I currently have a standard box). However, they offered me the Sky + box for £99, which I thought was a bit stingy.

I've been with them for about 8 months. If I had a sky+ box, then I might be inclined to stick with them. Now, however, I considering other options...

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This should be in 'misc'.

Or maybe deal requests.

Is Sky not a 12 month contract?



Is Sky not a 12 month contract?


So they would be starting the 12 contract the moment they install multi-room.

Sky customer service is absolutely shocking until you mention the word "cancel". We had an introduce a friend issue which took 5 months to sort out.

i know someone who said they were going to cancel and were offered a sky+ box, could be worth a try...


I couldn't get an expensive upgrade for free! What terrible customer service! I shall complain to the internet!

Because you have only had it 8 months they know your in contract and therefore not at risk of leaving so you have no chance of getting a deal from them until your 12 months are up

i got a sky plus box.i said i wanted to cancel cos i worked afters and i missed all the best they gave me a sky plus box for nothing.................

Insted of posting this here, you could have told some people who cared! :thumbsup:


I couldn't get an expensive upgrade for free! What terrible customer … I couldn't get an expensive upgrade for free! What terrible customer service! I shall complain to the internet!

Exactly, I work in Sky customer services, why would we give you another free box? I get at least 2 customers an hour phoning up asking why they can't have a free Sky+ box, all of them have been with us for far more than you have. Do you walk in to a car dealer and demand they give you the newest model of your car? If you can't afford it, you can't have it.

*can actually rant at a customer* :w00t:

If you call them up and tell them you want to change to a lesser package such as going down to the free Internet and going down to the lowest tv package they will probably ask you why.

Tell them you don't feel your getting good use out of it as your not in the house often so wanted Sky+ but are not willing to pay for it. Then tell them as a matter of principle your going to let the remaining four months of your contract run down at the lowest possible amount and transfer to Virgin media.

That's what i done in my flat and we got a free sky+ box and 50% off our bill for 3 months.

Don't know if it always works but loads of people seem to get deals out of the Sky cancellation department.
At the end of the day they weigh up the possibility of you cancelling completely in only a few months or roping you into a more expensive new 12 month contract. They always seem to go for the latter even if they have to make an initial outlay.

Good Luck, dont give up!

I've been with Sky for too long to remember, somewhere around fifteen years I suppose. (probably longer)
I have always paid top wack, and receive nothing for free...
Why should I subsidise someone who has been with them for a few months?

Original Poster

I'd have thought that watching TV would come under the title 'Entertainment' as opposed to misc.

To all those nay saying my post, I don't think it's unreasonable to want what new subscribers are getting for free; especially as I'm a relatively new subscriber.

Thanks to those who posted helpful information.

I am not sure I understand why you need to pay a monthly subscription to sky for 'multiroom'?

Why not get a satellite splitter box (split in the attic) and add the cable from this yourself to the rooms you want to view sky (or freesat) in? Obviously you would need a sat box (whether sky or freesat) in each room to be able to decode the signals:).

(Or, run an extra cable from your sat box to another room although this would mean you could only watch the same channels in both rooms as you would be using the same decoder box).
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