Disappointing Sunday Deals

    Slim pickings in the deals section today ladies and gentlemen. Right now Poundland's 14 pack of Wotsits (Currently 440°) and Asda's 5KG's of Onions (Currently 417°) for a £1 deals are fighting it out for top spot in the hottest deal of the day stakes. There is however a challenger in Asda's £15 chair (Currently 415°) hot on their heels, it could still leapfrog them both yet. Stay tuned to find out who wins this captivating battle...


    Sunday deals usually are a bit slim

    Original Poster

    That's true.

    Perhaps everyone has been listing their goods on Ebay as it's free listing and not listing deals.

    Original Poster

    I didn't think of that Debz! X)
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