Disappointment in Wii Games

Is it just me or are we really disappointed in the Wii games line up?

I went to Game today to buy a new game and apart from Zelda (which i have completed) there isnt any killer games out. It seems there is only maybe 1 great game, 2 or 3 okayish games and the rest is utter gash.

I hope there is more in the pipeline cos so far its been pretty poor for a console thats been out for almost a year


Resident Evil
Mario Galaxay
Super Smash Brothers all coming out this year.

There are lots of new games in the pipeline, game developers didn't expect the Wii to be such a sales success, and are only now jumping on the bandwagon and starting to produce games for it. Give it time.

Oh and it hasn't been almost a year, even in Japan (its debut market) it didn't launch unitl mid-November 2006. It's been barely 6 months.

Excite truck is pretty good. Lots of em dont come into their own unless used as party games (sonic, wario etc).
Not been almost a year though! (not in UK anyhow!)

Manhunt 2 is due out in July.

Metroid should be pretty good too.

They're bring out a Driver game too!! That could be good!
Mario party 8 Im looking forward to! :thumbsup:

It's typical Nintendo really.. The DS got off to a slow start and look at it now. I still enjoy my Wii and while i wait for the big guns to come out i have my 360.

It's the same with most new consoles really.
A few decent games come out at launch, then there's a long drought of very little being realesed.
After 6 months-to-a year it picks up again, and from that point onwards you can expect a fairly constant supply of decent titles (provided the console is selling well).

PS3 is in exactly the same boat at the momemt.

This is one of the reasons why I never buy a games system at launch.

Wait until it's been out for a year and you'll have a decent choice of games and you'll probably pay quite a bit less than the the launch price for the console.
You'll also be able to pick up launch/early games much cheaper.

I'm not an "It's new ! I must have it now !!!" type of person though...:)

Super Paper Mario out very soon

Eledees is the best game on the Wii so far. I'd definitely recommend getting that.

I'm still waiting for good simulator (like mechs) and strategy titles. Sims 2 Pets and MySims (if I can get over the cute) look like they may be a little of what I am looking for too, but Pets was my least favorite expansion and MySims is just too cute looking (a problem endemic to Nintendo).

Had a lot of fun w/ Zelda, and the rest of my games are casual (Smooth Moves, Rampage, Sport, Play, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Super Ghosts & Goblins, Galaxian, Pac-Man) so I come back when I have time to kill. The most motivating thing for the Wii so far for my household is the Everybody Votes channel.

I'd love something like Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for the Wii, a FPS w/ online co-operative play.

Kids got Cooking mama yesterday they've had lots of fun with it they had even more fun watching me fail miserably at it :oops: lol


Original Poster

Yeah I agree that better games are in the pipeline.

Its just frustrating that ive wanted this console soooo much and when i finally get it, I actually play my PS2 more simply cos there are better games (although obviously cos its been out for years).

I think ill try and find Eledees. I dont think ive seen this title in the shops yet.

I was actually pretty disappointed in Eledees, I don't know why as it should really be my type of game.

I'm taking it to the swap shop tomorrow. No doubt I'll rebuy it at some point but not for a long time, I'll only be buying it again when its dirt cheap.

Think I might try Cooking Mama.


Kids got Cooking mama yesterday they've had lots of fun with it they had … Kids got Cooking mama yesterday they've had lots of fun with it they had even more fun watching me fail miserably at it :oops: lolChaos

I'll sound sad here and say I wouldn't mind playing it
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