Problem whilst ordering Now TV fibre package with Quidco cashback. Please offer advice?

Posted 1st Jan 2021
I recently found out that my 90 year-old grandad was getting ripped-off almost £55 a month by Sky for 12Mb broadband and line rental. After I told him how ridiculously overpriced this was, he was very keen to switch providers. I did a lot of research and found some cashback deals for Now Broadband 36Mb fibre:

  • The first deal was with Quidco, £22 a month for the fibre over 12 months, with an additional £6 a month for a Now TV Entertainment Pass. Total cashback £95.

  • The second option was TopCashback, same package but without the £6 a month Entertainment Pass, total cashback £76.50. Works out at £53.50 cheaper over 12 months.

I went back with this information and was told to do the Entertainment deal, since it comes with the TV channels like Natural Geographic, Sky Nature, etc that would be of interest.

Cutting it short, yesterday I tried to order the package via Quidco which directed me to the Now TV website where I could clearly see I was ordered the package for both the £22 a month fibre AND £6 a month TV pass together. But at the final stage of the order process AFTER it had taken the card details, it says 1. Your broadband order is complete. Your broadband setup date will be on 15th January, and then 2. We’re sorry, there was a problem with your TV order. Go to My Passes to add your TV passes.

So, for some reason it had only completed half of the order! I am deeply concerned because the cashback offer was only valid when purchasing both the fibre AND Entertainment Pass at the same time! If I go and add the TV pass manually, it will now be a separate order and start billing before the internet has even been installed?!

In regards to the cashback, I can see it has tracked successfully on Quidco and shows as £100, but I am concerned this will get refused down the line once they find out that the Entertainment Pass was not part of the order!

What should I do?
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