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Found 30th Mar 2007
can anyone remember those little red tablets they gave you in school - when you chewed them they showed up red plaque on your teeth? well, point is, im teaching my daughter to do her teeth properly and was trying to get my hands on some of these. ive looked all ove, my local dentist is even out of stock. ive seen a few on the net but when you add the delivery charge - its rediculus, you end up paying more for that than the things themselves. these is 1 person on ebay doing them but still delivery is a bit steep considering they are only small. anyone else see them or know where to get them from? cheaper if poss?;-)
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Have you looked in Boots or Superdrug?
online i have - no luck - i will try in store tomorrow, local chemist didnt have em' couldnt order them either - they are bda approved.
Boots online ain't got any, but I found these:-


[image missing]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]PRICE: [/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]£7.70 for 5 (minimum)
(£1.54 each)

DELIVERY : £2.75

TOTAL : £10.45 for 60 Tablets.:thumbsup:

I just went to the Register and Checkout page and it's 'Secure' according to IE7 [/FONT][/SIZE]

Try drandrewbrown.co.uk/den…htm

£1.50 and post at cost...don't think you have to be a patient with him.

..or you could try vegetable dye...that's all it is.
I would check boots too, larger stores, My daughter is going to an orthodontist (is that how you spell it??) and thay have stock, the tables are required to show the kids how and where to brush their teeth with a mouth full of braces so if you have an orthodontist (??) nearby that may sell you some.

I'll pop you four in the post to get you going if you want, we don't get them anymore as she's mastered the art, but I'm sure we have some left over! PM me your address.
thanks twinkle - perfect!!! rep added!

£10.45 is a bit steep, it would take ages to use all 60 too!!! never know, my little girl mightn't even like them yet!!

really appreciate all your help!
Watch out for erythrosine as its E127 and not recommended for children.
are you sure? it would be really kind of you - will be able to see then if they are ok for her ( hopefully not make her too hyper!!) theres probably more e no's in a 10p mix up, apparently the british dental place reccomends them.
then again, youve got me thinking now!
All wraped up and ready to go! :thumbsup:
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