Disconnecting a backboiler..can you leave it in?

    I'm having my house done (council house) and they've disconnected the backboiler and put in a new boiler in the kitchen. The backboiler is behind the chimney breast in the living room, and I'm wondering is it legal for them to disconnect it and leave it there? My nan told me that it's not legal but I'm not sure.
    Many thanks in advance.


    i believe its fine to leave it there disconnected as it cant do any harm.

    I'm pretty sure it is legal, if they take it out they take the fire too i think.
    I worked for a housing association and we used to leave them in in some instances, where we took them out we put in an electric suite.

    What harm can it do? Let them leave it in, then take it out yourself and scrap it in :whistling:

    Why would it be illegal?

    I read this as "disconnecting a gallbladder can you leave it in? "

    note to self... sleep more

    As long as the back boiler was properly drained there is no need for it to be removed.


    What harm can it do? Let them leave it in, then take it out yourself and … What harm can it do? Let them leave it in, then take it out yourself and scrap it in :whistling:

    That would be theft.
    that is illegal.

    Original Poster

    Thank you. I don't know anything about it, and am pretty stressed out at the moment, so my nan decided to rub salt into the wounds and worry me more! I'm due my 2nd baby in 13 days and my house is turned upside down- and it's only just started and have many more weeks to go. And I couldn't put it off as they said they wouldn't be in my area again!

    it is definitelly legal as I have just had it done by british gas.It doesn't do any harm and in the future you can have it removed if you want to


    That would be theft.that is illegal.

    Last time we had council workmen in they replaced a couple of bricks and left the old ones which I binned, so by disposing of their waste I stole them?
    Its an old back boiler thats doing nothing, its called recycling.:whistling:


    yes, mine was left in

    a "back boiler" is simply a small metal water tank nothing more so no worries eh
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