Disconnecting within online games

Posted 8th Dec 2019

Any tips on setting up an optimum wifi connection?

Playing Roblox with my kid, I get frequent disconnections. Only my Switch playing Mario kart, if I'm hosting a lobby, it'll frequently disconnect the game and have to start a new lobby.

Any ideas? Thanks
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Try using a wired connection using a power line plug.

If going to stick with Wi-Fi, try a Wi-Fi analyser app to see if you can change to a channel with less interference.
Are disconnections more frequent at certain times of day? WiFi can be affected by things like heating switching on and off, Kettles fridges and freezers. See if you notice a pattern. If it is something like this you have 3 options. Totally wired connection or wired from powerline adapters. Or spend some money and buy a different set of powerline adapters.
Try changing to a different WiFi channel in your router
Nintendo Switch seems to have somewhat poor wifi reception IMO. Play nearer your wifi router *or get a wifi powerline adapter (or maybe just a wifi extender would be ok)
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Check your signal strength. Regardless of your download speed, if it goes below 50%, you run the risk of dropouts. You can get android apps which will give you detailed info on your signal strength, run one of those and measure it where the Switch is receiving the signal. Wifi works best with line of sight, it'll travel through doors, windows and ceilings easily but brick walls will block most of the signal.

Try enabling both a 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi network and using 2.4ghz for consoles. 2.4ghz penetrates walls a lot better and can boost your reliability at the expense of download speeds.

If your connection completely drops out (ie everyone on the network loses the connection) that indicates issues with hardware.If anyone is using Bittorrent, make sure they're using a forwarded port or don't do it when gaming (lots of cheap routers struggle with the number of connections and fall over).

If you have Sky and home phones, make sure they aren't connected directly to the phone ports, make sure they always go through a splitter (otherwise anytime they send or receive info, they'll interrupt your connection), Sky engineers are really bad for not installing splitters and I've had one actually remove and existing one (which caused weeks of headaches trying to solve my issues)
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