Discount code for PC World?Dixons?Currys?

Could anyone who know by put a code for discount voucher to buys goods at PC World? Dixons? Currys? like save 10%?? or 15%?? or 20%?? for online??:?:


If you want a good deal for PCW try finding the stuff in John Lewis first, I found a laptop in JL with £200 off and that was without any deal codes. What are you looking for anyway?

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looking for laptop at less than other's price match

I was looking at a £1600 Laptop in PCW and found it at JL for £200 less.

What I do is capture the main part of the machine I am interested in and google it then look at the individual shops that are listed, not the kelkoo's etc, that is how I found the JL deal.

Anyway PCW and Dixons etc are only giving away free delivery codes at the moment. I believe that there will be some good deals on computers in general (laptops included) towards the end of January/ February nd maybe into March, this is because Vista will be preloaded and the shops have to get rid of the XP loaded machines to make way for new stocks, this will be good because you can buy a XP machine and demand a free upgrade to Vista and if Vista fails, you just do a system restore back to XP and carry on until all the bugs have been sorted. I am waiting another few weeks to see what happens.

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Thats good idea as thought to worth of waiting for! im not in rush as im keeping an eye on it! thanks

Any one have a discount code for FREECOM HARD DRIVE 400GB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE
if so get back 2 me asap [IMG]pcworld.co.uk/mar…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@0036926597.1168777836@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccceaddjlkhgjegcflgceggdhhmdfjg.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=620543&category_oid=-24880[/IMG]
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