Discount codes for Edinburgh Zoo

Found 29th Jan 2015
Going for a day trip 16th or 17th Feb and just wondering if there are any out there?
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can minus off the wildlife donation think the do corporate rates check ur place of work..
We live nearby, rarely are there any discount codes available, more vouchers (back of Lothian bus tickets, flyers in other attractions, etc, but not on any regular basis). You could ask to not pay the donation (aka VAT scam contribution)....
Another thing worth mentioning, it's £10 per person for guaranteed panda viewing (indoors and out), otherwise it's a chance of luck whether a) they will be open. b) the pandas will be awake (they sleep for 16 hours a day) and c) the pandas will actually come outside.

Tip of the day:- get there early (opening time) to have a better chance of seeing the pandas both awake and outside, thus a £10 saving per person.

Is the £10 per person saving pandas? Have they bred any?
Thank you for the responses and the advice much appreciated
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