Discount from B&Q , wickes, screwfix etc

Posted 7th Dec 2019
Looking to buy some internal doors and a radiator so wouldn’t mind saving a few quid. Anyone know any online codes or ways to get instore discount? Need to have items this Friday so the ‘take your dad to B&Q on Wednesday’ trick is leaving it a bit late
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Find someone with a Wickes Trade account. Or take your dad to B&Q this Wednesday.
B&Q have stopped the Wednesday discount for over 60's now.
Register with B&Q Club and they email a £5 off £30 voucher a couple of days later.

B&Q's diamond card only discounts some gardening and Christmas items and is no longer open to new members.

Cardyard sell a few discounted gift cards. TCB can payout as B&Q gift card with 2.5% bonus. TCB's TopGiftCards sell these with 3% cashback. Some workplace schemes sell discounted gift cards.

You could order online for cashback.
Cheers everyone
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