Discount fuel card - Esso, Shell, & Avia

Posted 4th Mar 2020
Just found out about the 'fuelpecker' card.

This is a payment card (so needs you to link up a debit card) that offers the following:

unleaded - 3p/l
super unleaded - 5p/l
Diesel - 4p/l
Super Diesel - 6p/l

Flat 1p/l discount

Also AVIO if travelling the continent

With the shell card you get something like a pound off next fill after ten visits. At a minimum £10 per visit, that makes it slightly better than this card *if* you stick to mimimum fills *and* they keep tgat reward. Also, I don't see why you can't use both (pay at pump is out I guess)

The Esso one is a winner, for me locally it would make it the same price as asda, Morris ons, and tesco, and 9p/l cheaper than shell.
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