does anyone have a contract with the crooks, and if so, are they still in business ?.

    rumour is they've gone bust, could smeone from romford/blackburn confirm ?


    luckily I didnt get another contract with them.

    I know someone with a couple of cheques still to be cashed.

    the Bolton one is closed, and bankrupt.

    Damn, I hate these crooks!

    My sister was with them for a year or two, no problems and I kept using her phone to make calls while she paid all the bills, so when her latest contract finished last august, she told me to take a contract out which I did.

    Now I've got two cheques to cash in totalling £234, one cheque of £100 should already be in the bank but the crooks sent me a letter before the cash-in date saying they're in financial difficulty, do not cash in any cheques and I have to keep ringing this guy on a mobile number asking the situation of the company.

    He keeps saying:
    "At this moment in time, the company has not gone into liquidation, we're currently looking for potential buyers at the moment, thats all the info I can give you for now, if you ring me next week, hopefully I'll be able to get more info for you"

    This has taken over a month! and I'm still paying the £35 per month! What my best option?

    if they are looking for buyers, why have they closed all their shops.

    alot of the shops i think are just franchises.

    smells fishy


    if they are looking for buyers, why have they closed all their shops.alot … if they are looking for buyers, why have they closed all their shops.alot of the shops i think are just franchises.smells fishy

    I'm based in Leicester, not sure if the shop is still open here but rang about 2 weeks ago and they answered.

    The guy on the phone said they're short of cash and looking for a takeover if not it's going bankrupt, they say they've got a few people interested but no decisions been made yet :?

    Original Poster

    imost shops are c;losed

    i've got a £60 cheque, and my dad just took out a £40 (cashback = 10!!!!
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