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Posted 27th Oct
Get discounted food @ toogoodtogo app

Varies depending on your location and what is available for that day.

You can bag yourself some goodies at discounted prices that would otherwise be thrown in the bin.

Ranges from Cafes, Carvaries, Supermarkets, Buffet Establishments and High Street Food Establishments such as Yo Sushi.

Help stop food waste.
''There's food lost or wasted along the chain from farm to table. It’s not just the food itself that goes to waste, it’s all the resources that went into making it, from water to land and labour. When wasted, food has a harmful effect on the environment - it’s responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions which we all know is bad news for the planet!''

And grab yourself a bargain Lunch or Dinner
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So long as you dont care about fresh food and use by dates - cheap for a reason
googley227/10/2019 10:25

So long as you dont care about fresh food and use by dates - cheap for a …So long as you dont care about fresh food and use by dates - cheap for a reason

"that would otherwise be thrown in the bin."

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Not sure how I've not heard of this till recently, it was actually my sister who told me about this a few weeks ago.

As I'm in Glasgow City Centre, there's loads of options - though many "breakfast" options sell out the night before.

I was sleeping in yesterday (insomniac who finds it hard to sleep) so boyf thought he'd surprise me with a breakfast from a local hotel - not sure if I should name them.

He turned up with one beef sandwich (I call it two, as they're halved, he says it's one), an orange and a tiny muffin cake - to be fair the local Aldi would have bought more.

As a gesture, it's great, but you don't get a lot. Wouldn't really call that a breakfast either.

Edit: Looking at the "reviews" on the app, which are a bit vague, that hotel just says "great service". I can see a few others have ratings of "great service/high quality food/good amount" as well. So maybe that one is to be avoided.

It's a shame the reviews aren't that in-depth, as there's no negative ones to be found at all on the app.

Another Edit: Just realised he sent me a picture on Skype.38796873-oTkq9.jpg
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Wherever I've lived I've 'piked' (a term which originated from a late friend) getting reduced food from supermarkets. It's an art, examining shop worker movement and times to pick up a bargain. I'm sure this app is good, I have installed it but it tells me of an offer miles away so it's of little use to me.

You pike long enough you get a sense of it, I do love the whoops aisle apocalypse strip in VIZ because piking for me isn't like that all. My freezer is constantly full, regular turnover of stock to keep new stuff coming in. Top quality food for naff all.
Looks good
Great idea. Cheers OP
cool app will keep an eye on whats on offer, Thanks.
I never get anywhere near that much at Morrisons or anywhere else.
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Thanks OP - had no idea anything like this existed... There's 4/5 merchants signed up within a 2 mile radius, so will be giving this a try soon.
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