Discounted travel within London (tube, bus)

    Am off to London next month for 2 days and not been before and wondered is their any travel cards that can be purchased rather than paying fares on the tube and buses etc as would be going around London and seeing some sights while their for just under 2 days


    ]http//ww…om/ can work out cheaper if you are trying to cram in a lot just remember if you get one to add travel which includes bus and tube. Hope this helps

    You'll want an Oyster card. It costs £3 for the card which is refundable when you're finished plus whatever you want to put on the card in the way of credit.

    Of course, you can always keep the card for future visits, there's no time limit.

    When travelling on the underground you touch the card against the readers at both the entrance to, and the exit from, the stations at the start at end of each journey (if you have to change en route that doesn't count as an extra journey - it's only when you finally leave at street level).

    On buses, touch the card against the reader when you get on but don't touch it again when you get off or you'll be charged twice.

    Fares (assuming that you're travelling only in zones 1 or 2)

    Underground - one journey - cash £4.00 - Oyster £1.80
    Bus - one journey - cash £2.00 - Oyster £1.20

    Don't worry about making extra journeys that would take the total cost over the cost of a one day Travelcard as there is a cap on Oyster card charges of £7.20 per day (or £5.60 if your first journey is after 09:30h Mon-Fri or any time at weekends) - you won't have any credit taken off your card after you reach those figures even if you make multiple additional trips.

    You can put an 'odd' amount on to the card if you use the automated machines at all underground stations and use cash. This is recommended if you reckon you know what you'll be doing. Underestimate slightly if you like as you can always put another couple of pounds on at any time.
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