[DISCUSSION] Allwinner Cortex A8 A10 Android Tablets - ROM, Recoveries etc

Found 9th Jun 2012
Just a discussion for people that have these tablets, this includes the Novo series and pretty much ALL the chinese ones.
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Clockworkmod is working fine on my JXD S9000, see here how to flash:


You need to the recovery image and the bash scripts to /sdcard, as the path seems hard coded which is a bit silly.

Then flashing CM9 is a piece of cake see here;

Seems to be a similar process to what i did with my streak so thats a relief. Will see how i get on next week :-).

For anyone that needs it theres also what seems to be an easier script method here. slatedroid.com/top…ms/
I've flashed it and it seems very quick, the only issue I have with is BBC iPlayer, it seems the wireless signal lies about how strong it is, I am in the attic though and the router is on the ground floor so I can't expect that much. but other than that it's excellent, camera's work. Its very fast as well! At this price you can't ask for much more!
Thats excellent news. Shame about the wifi but i do recall reading something about the wifi range being buggy in certain models so its probably to be expected. I'll see if i can find the post and put it up here. In the meantime you might want to try different wifi channels or if it comes to it set up a wireless access point in your attic.

I'll probably flash mine mid next week after i get used to it so i'll let you know the results then. I've been stuck on gingerbread for a year so ICS will be completely new to me :-D.
Oh yes, ICS IS the way to go! Much better IMO and CM9 makes it all the better, so many options to tweak things just the way you like it.

Can't find a decent CPU usage monitor that shows up in the taskbar though..
Give CPU usage monitor a try. play.google.com/sto…bar Thats what i used when i was overclocking my streak.
Try CpuNotify, the icon looks very similar, and it's totally free!
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