Disgusted with Argos!!!

I had taken advantage of the current "Reserve for Store Pick-up" offer in Argos for the following items

PSP Base Pack
Travel Kit
Tomb Raider game

The deal was, add all three to the trolley and get the game and travel kit free. All this for £149 which looked like a good deal to me.

Went to Argos to pick it up and they told me the till was saying you only get the game free and the price would be £164.

I asked if they had an internet connection which they did and I showed them the deal for £149. After some scratching of heads the sales person and what I assume was the manager disapeared for about 15 minutes. When they came back they told me Argos were covered because the small print says you have to pay the instore price when you collect. I tried to explain that I could accept that if the price on the internet had changed but that the offer was clearly still on and that the till was wrong.

We "discussed" this for some time and they wouldn't budge. They told me it was an internet only offer and that I should have had it delivered. They refused to talk about the fact that they were advertising an offer as collect in-store which they were unwilling to honour

In the end I walked out - life is too short (although I do have the problem of what to do with the £5 voucher I got for buying Robosapien V2 there last week)

Anyone else had this problem?


Sorry to hear thatpreay I would call CS and complain.

I can see on a mis-price but not on that. Call Argos customer service and tell them what happened and point out the offer.

If worse comes to worse just order online and have it delivered to you.

I doubt that it was the store manager you spoke to (were they wearing a proper suit or those hideous brightly-coloured shirts?) as you would probably have got more joy from them.

A couple of years ago when I worked for Argos staff were told to accept things like that and take the customer's side, even if it meant Argos lost out. I don't know if this is still the case, but you should always speak to the store manager as they can adjust the price to anything they want in order to meet with the customer's expectations.

Call their sales department on 0800 0850565 and complain. Lay it on thick about the wasted time and journey etc,. Mention Trading Standards and name the store. Give the manager's name if you have it (I find it's always a good idea in such situations to take names when you realise you're not getting anywhere.)

Make a fuss and you might get a result.


A little while ago i had a MASSIVE bust up with b+q, so much so i wont go back there again.
They were advertising play houses ALL with 15% off.
I picked one, was £60, without discount, went to till to pay, came up as £60, i said theyve got 15% off them, theres a big board saying it - so she took it off no question, when i went to pick it up later they had a different, more expensive one out but it was better so i decided to have that one instead.

Went to customer service and they were fine about it, not bothered at all.
Got the other one, (its got an exension its proper good lol!) came up at £100, again i said theres 15% off playhouses look at the board.
She TRIED to argue it with me, and went and got the gardening manager.
Now by this time theres quite a queue behind me.

He came, and said no the discounts already been taken off, and i said no it hasnt, i purchased the one with £60 on the box, it came up as £60 at the till and she took it off.
He again TRIED to argue the toss with me, so i said ok, got my camera phone out and started taking pictures of the items, the price and the 15% board - and said rather loudly, right it looks like trading standards then.
And amazingly the 15% was honoured after that!

So moral of the story is, stand your ground, dont let them give you crap, dont waste a fiver for delivery - like people have said either ring CS or speak to store manager.
(And if nothing, kick off, they dont like that!)

Great post Joshanna!

The British don't complain enough about bad service to the people who are providing the service. My only rule is: don't ever swear, no matter how much your're provoked. They don't like that either but it gives them an excuse to end the conversation.


Nope, you shouldnt swear, as it can be taken as agression, just mention trading standards, none of them liked it.
b and q didnt seem to really care until the camera phone came out, then they were willing to agree!

But :oops: i am a bit of a complainer, and im not afraid to ask for the manager either.
I might be a nice person, but not when there not honouring something, or trying to rip me off!

Original Poster

Thanks for the responses. I will be getting in touch with CS.

OH - and I didn't swear!! (Not until I got back to the car anyway)


Great post Joshanna! The British don't complain enough about bad service … Great post Joshanna! The British don't complain enough about bad service to the people who are providing the service.

Lol, us Brits are very non-violent and keep thoughts to ourselves.

We're the nation of people who sit there on the phone saying "Yep, yep, that's okay, fine. Right. Bye" then hang up and shout "W****rs!!".


Original Poster

Spoke to CS (Thanks for the 0800 number)

They have spoken to the store and confirmed that the offer is buy the travel kit and PSP and get the game free i.e.price should be £164 and that it is mis-priced on the internet.

Now can't decide whether to order the mis-price which should go through if I get it delivered or get it from Currys with 10% discount and quidco


I had that problem with the PS2 + Singstar + Buzz game. I emailed customer services and they thanked me for notifying them of the problem and fixed it for me immediately! How good was that!

I think the main stumbling block in your situation was that the newbie staff just hired for the Christmas season aren't savvy enough to escalate your problem to management to get it fixed on discretion.

Always ask to speak to someone with some skills when you're getting nowhere with the n00bs!
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