Found 14th Dec 2014
so, I have my boarding cards printed when I checked in online yesterday for a flight today from Birmingham to Edinburgh.
Flybe then called me yesterday afternoon to say my flight was cancelled. Actually, they had removed me from my early flight and booked me onto a later flight which was cancelled!
Looking on my account, they had changed my flight details without asking me but I then noticed my original flight was still going ahead. After numerous calls via their Facebook page customer service, I am informed that my ORIGINAL early flight is FULL!

How can they eject me from my seat and bump me to a late flight tonight when I needed to be in Edinburgh for lunchtime?

How do I tackle this? I didn't take out the insurance for the flight.

  1. Ask
  2. Flybe
  1. Ask
  2. Flybe

It's because of stuff like this that I will never fly with these cheapo Mickey Mouse airlines.

I'd go to the airport and explain the situation-try demanding that they get you on the earlier flight. Check flights with other airlines and have their flight info with you. It may be a case of flying with someone else and trying to claim the money back from Flybe. Good luck-these are not easy times!

Basic consumer law here. You paid for a set flight and they cannot move/change it without your permission (of course they could say sorry its full and move you to another flight and then not give you any compensation) - but they cannot move you without telling you as you paid for something at a set time.

They do this all the time and have to compensate customers - but they make it hard and hope most people don't - thus why you can not get hold of them easily.

You are in the right here is they did not inform you directly so first, i hope you were insured (it's like £70/yr from virgin) and secondly keep fighting. My brother in law send them a fax everyday asking for compensation, then each day added the letter he sent the previous day until he was sending so much each day they finally called him and begged him to stop!

Original Poster

I've not got insurance

Look here.
You should be entitled to compensation and refund, doesn't matter you have no insurance.
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