Hello everybody!
    I need to buy a new dishwasher, please could you help me?
    It will be my first dishwasher so I don't know much about them... (Programs, temperatures.... ahhhh!!!)
    Any recommendations?
    Where do you recommend me to go to buy it? Any discounts vouchers?
    I am considering a integrated one because in B&Q I found my kitchen doors... Do you think it is a good idea?
    Finally, an stupid question, are all the dimensions for dishwashers, doors., blablabla standard????

    Many thanks!



    normally all standard size (slimline or full). Dont bother paying too much for all the gimmicks / extra settings. they are just like washing machines as in you generally only ever use 1 or 2 settings

    I always just use 35 degrees economy (takes 30 mins).

    Bosch are good although I just bought a £150 beko full size one and its been perfect for over 2 years now.

    try get small local store (not comet etc) to price match as they generally do and much better service IMHO.

    integrated ones are normally more expensive plus the cost of the doors.

    I would recommened appliances online, just used them to equip my new kitchen they supply many of the major stores (B&Q,sainsbury`s boots etc) go through quidco for more savings


    online is generally better for prices although some local stores will try to price match. far less hassle in the event of a problem (i.e taking days off for collection / pickup). local stores normally give you a time of day and not to mention you are supporting your local community.

    you nearly always pay more for any integrated stuff. Avoid it if youcan, and buy a basic machine

    I have just had to replace my dishwasher (but have had to pay a little bit more because I wanted an integrated one) Dont get confused looking at all the functions! I have only ever used 2 programs - normal wash and economy. I found [url][/url] had good prices and deliver for free and give 4% through quidco. I have gone for a Whirlpool one which cost £299 which is cheap for an integrated one.
    The important things i looked at were price, number of place settings & effeciency ratings.

    I hope this helps
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