Posted 1st Oct 2022 (Posted 7 h, 26 m ago)
Hi all

Obviously like everyone else my family are looking to see how we can save energy to keep our bills as low as possible. My household was way over the average for our house size in electricity use with us going through 4,300 kWh a year for a four bed end terraced with two adults and two kids.

One thing we tried was changing the dishwasher which we use probably every 3 days from fast mode to eco mode. Fast mode washed at 65 degrees and was finished in 39 minutes. Eco washes at 45 degrees but takes nearer two hours. I wasn't sure how much difference it would make but we implemented this in September and the month's use on electricity is the lowest we've had since July 2019!
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    Get an energy-monitoring smart plug. They're only about £10 and you can learn a lot about different appliances' electricity usage. Our dishwasher has a manual start button, so we have it on a smart plug schedule to start at 00:40, as we get cheap electricity between 00:30 and 04:30 daily (Octopus Go).

    Also, I find half a dishwasher tablet works just as well. Ok, it saves only 2p or so per use, but every little helps. (edited)
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    Agree we recently went from 65 to 50 degree dishwasher setting. We're a couple and now use 8.5 kWh leccy per day on average which includes a lot of home cooking on hob and air fryer.

    The other one to watch if you have gas CH is to turn down the flow temperatures. At every service it gets reset, so I have to crank it down again. (edited)
    Yeah we had work done on the house recently switching from gas hobs and oven to electric and had the dishwasher installed. Thankfully at the same time we replaced a very inefficient back boiler with a brand new one which has made a huge difference (literally 9,000 kWh of gas reduced per year) and I also have the hot water set to 50 degrees whereas default can be set much higher
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    Dishwasher has to compoments, heat + Spraying water,
    spraying water uses watts, its the heat element that costs.

    takes more leccy to get water to 60 instead of 30, it also uses 3-4 litres less water... not ground breaking but yes.

    if you want to save money ditch tablets there a con, powder is king, put a tiny amount thrown into the dishwasher and put rest in the capsule slot, this enabled the first rinse to have some powder to do its job of getting most dirt in the first water cycle
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    A technician informed us that the eco cycle normally includes a prewash before the tablet drawer is opened, therefore it's beneficial to put a little bit of dishwasher liquid/gel in the wash space to get the best wash performance (we just put a little bit on the inside of the door before closing)

    ETA - gumbon essentially beat me to it... (edited)
    indeed although thats not just eco cycle thats all cycles, essentially dishwasher tablets are a con as they all bypass the detergent in the prewash and then overcontenspate of the powder on the cycle after.

    dishwasher was perfectly designed to work with powder, but unfortunatly companies relaised mash them together into pods with some green coloring and people thing its magic

    very good video on youtube on this topic which is a good waste of an hour
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    Tried this last month changed to ECO mode after reading that dishwasher tabs work great still at lower temperatures. My bill is now £30 per month cheaper
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    If you've got a gas boiler, and want to save money, some dishwashers can be converted to hot fill, instead of the cold. As well as altering plumbing, this may require replacing the original cold water hose with a heat resistant one, as I recall it does on mine. One downside is any cold rinse cycle will use hot water, should still save overall on heating with electric though.

    My Bosch dishwasher supports it, but another downside with mine being an old model is it has got a dumb mechanical controller and filling with hot water will cause it to completely skip the initial part of the wash when it would be heating the water, which shortens the wash time considerably, which according to reviews resulted in poor washing performance, otherwise I would have converted mine years ago. (edited)
    Yeah I did know about this but having the new kitchen eventually installed at a hellish lockdown extension I couldn't bear the thought of pulling the new kitchen apart to do this! Seems like I'm winning a little at the minute ago will see how this progresses
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    Get the kids to wash up
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    Once every 3 days, yuck, doesn't sound very hygienic. don't you run out of plates lol
    That's another part of it, doesn't go on until it's completely full!
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    Just buy a bulk load of paper plates and cups will save you loads of money in the long run and you won't have to use the dishwasher, problem sorted
    *searches hotdeals for paper plates"