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Posted 12th Dec 2019
Been using hotukdeals for many years but never posted. I know I need to change that! anyway been searching for a dishwasher and can’t seem to find anything decent. I’m looking to spend between £300-£400 but obviously want a really good deal .
anyone have any ideas where I should be looking
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Should’ve said Freestanding and Black if possible.…spx

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Dishwasher deals don't get posted very often. I had it as a keyword alert for quite some time before someone thankfully posted a good deal which I purchased (slimline integrated). It was via eBay whilst they had a 20% discount code going
Dunno but my Bosch dishwasher is nothing but trouble. It's less than 2 months old and I was told by the latest engineer that he needs a glass door to see what the problem *might* be before having to order any parts....that's booked for NEXT YEAR.

Probably a rogue one but I feel better after the little rant. AO are pretty good but need Bosch to do an 'uplift' before they can order a replacement and Bosch aren't being helpful.
I got slimline one from ao on eBay outlet
Cheapest and as basic as possible. Only ever use normal wash. When it dies buy another
I've had a bosch for 4 years now and it's been faultless. Cleans much better that the previous hotpoint with some good cycles on there if you only want to rinse or do a quick wash. Also uses a lot less water and electricity.
Thanks everyone, still split between buying one cheap £200ish or double That for a decent one. Although there still seems to be a good chance of it breaking anyway. Think I’ll buy cheap
Went cheap! Bought black curry’s essential 10% off. So ended up paying about £180
thanks everyone
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