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Found 14th Sep 2017
Hi hukd'ers

I would really appreciate some advice regarding a dishwasher.

I have never owned one, and I'm looking to get one. I have a large family and need something that is going to last, clean the pots well and also dry them enough to be able to put them straight away.

Could anyone please help me find something that will be suitable, and not huge on the expense side. A decent quick wash is highly needed, other than that I don't know what I am looking for lol

Thank you very much in advance :-)
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davewave16 m ago

Zanussi £329Bosch £289

Thank you.. will this last a good few years? Also do I have to wash the bloody pots before they go in lol? I know probably a stupid question .. but it's all new lol
I only spray the pots with any build up on quickly. The rest of them I put straight in.
We have a Kenwood KID60S15 currently on clearance at Currys. They have stocked this model for so long we are on the second one lol! Highly recommend it
I always use my hotpoint dishwasher on the standard wash setting, if the plates are really dirty I just rinse them under the tap to get the worst of it off, frying pans I put a squirt of fairy liquid on and add any hot water left over in the kettle to get the worst of the fat off then rinse and put in the dishwasher. Pots get a quick rinse under the tap as well. I put the dishwasher on overnight and by the morning they're dry enough to unload.
I'm I'm not worried about items not getting cleaned first time round I'm more worried about leftover food clogging the drainage pipe or emptying the filter out.
Some items may need a little help drying with a tea towel, such as the inside of pans and any tupperware
I don't rinse anything first as a full load only uses 12 litres of water and so running plates under the tap first seems counter intuitive to me. Very rarely have any problems. I do run a cleaner through it around once every 2 or 3 months.
Just to add in some dishwasher instructions it says not to rinse plates etc just to remove food stuffs ie scraping your plate clean.
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