dishwasher leak!

    Any advise would be great! Our dishwasher caused a big leak today which has saturated all under the kitchen cupboards, most soaked into the concrete floor before I could mop it up, I have someone coming tomorrow to look at dishwasher and have left the kick boards off is there anything I need to do? A bit worried about mould etc as already smells!


    have u got a dehumidifier u can borrow of someone or maybe buy one if u have mould issues aleady

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    No mould yet just worried about it staying damp, that sounds a good idea

    dehumidifier will help take water rout of anything it has soaked into like wood etc. As long as youve cleaned it all up i doubt you'll have to worry about mould

    Have a look at the inside of the dishwasher , check to see if you have a round disc on the side wall, its simply a twist action disc with a rubber seal in between, If that gets knocked by say a saucepan handle or something it can cause a major leak.

    Are you sure it's the dishwasher leaking? Usually just the waste pipe it's attached to is blocked...

    My dishwasher leaked the other day out the front door the hinges move forwards and backwards so just a couple of mm will cause the door to leak. Its not damaged just an item in the dishwasher pushing the door out.

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    Definitely the dishwasher you could see it dripping underneath, it started its cycle rinsed and then cut out, I thought it was playing up so restarted it a few times and it kept stopping at same point and I think each time it's leaked! I then saw water coming out from under cupboards! It's definitely from something underneath not from the door, it's built in so hard for me to see, maybe the waste pipe blocked or a seal I guess? It's let a lot of water out!

    It will dry out. Many take a few weeks if it's well soaked in l, but eventually it will dry out. If you get mould just spray with anti mould from supermarket or use white vinegar and water at a 50/50 mix. Just a light spray. Needs to be leaking for weeks for it to be well soaked in though

    It could be a seal as mentioned above, or a pipe coming off; lots of things can go wrong.

    Ré the floor, you could put down kitty litter, it will help draw up the moisture from the concrete, and also absorb any potential bad smells.
    You used to be able to buy something called "Non Sense", bags of the volcanic rock that makes kitty litter work; but pure rather than mixed in, it would work faster and better, but if it is still available, it probably wouldnt be cheap.

    If the weather stays mild, you wont need a dehumidifier anyway, just leave a window open and use a normal fan to blow across the wet area. A fan heater would get the surface dry faster, but again expensive (unless you have E7 and can run it at night), and you would still have the water that has soaked deeper into the concrete.

    Had experience with this, surging water pressure has popped the washing machine pipe off several times over the years, but never when I am home to switch the mains off!!

    won't your home insurance take care of it all?
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