Disk activity light always on, on laptop

    Can anyone help me? it's slowing my laptop down to hell.

    I have a vostro 1000 (Dell) and i have XP on it, and over the last few days the disk activity light is basically 'stuck on' and its taking a long time to open things and edit.

    Can anyone help me how I can find out what it is using it?


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    Everything's pretty good at the moment How are you? xxx

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    Okies thanks honey... Oh noo, with driving? :-( xxx

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    if your using it wireless sometimes there a service that eats all your cpu time when ive been called out to these sort of problems its the first thing i check so try task manager press ctrl-alt-del to bring it up and go to the processes tab check to see whats using all the system resouces look for a program called winxp zero config as this is a known issue if its that right click it and click end process tree you can do this to this for anything in here thats using a lot of resources but be aware that most things in here are for the system just look for things that have high cpu usage the only thing that should have really high usage is sytem processes.

    If you have no luck in task manager try running your antivirus and your spyware program as infections can cause this sort of issue also installing new software or stuff off the web if it is zero config you need to stop it in services google it for details.


    just do a system restore to a date before it started
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