Posted 13th Nov 2019
Ok so this is a kinda strange one but I'm going to try to tell you exactly what I did....

With Disney+ going live I thought I'd try and subscribe through a vpn. Starting at about 7am this morning I originally thought I might be able to sign-up through VPN and revolut. Didn't work. Thought I'd try to get a USA paypal, succeeded and transferred funds to it but then it wouldn't let me buy without a card and again my revolut wouldn't work. Thought I'd try the Netherlands so signed up for a Netherlands PayPal and managed to connect my revolut. Only problem being that I couldn't go through the sign-up connected to a nl VPN

Anyway thought as I couldn't do it online I'd try it through the app. Couldn't get the app through the play store so thought I'd try an app repository. Got it on apkpure through their app. Tried to login through Netherlands and didn't work. Installed and had lunch. After lunch went back to it , VPN through USA and loaded up the app. It thought for a while and then I got this :

What's strange is that it says £6.49 at the bottom....

I tried to pay through my Google account and it worked!

Tbh I'm not sure exactly why it's worked and let me subscribe through the UK. Maybe they're releasing here soon now after all the complaints from people?

It's done it for me as a Google play subscription...

3330414.jpgAlso it's working without a vpn (on and off)
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