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    hi i was wondering if anyone could help me, ive been online to book tickets for high school musical on ice at meto radio arena through ticketmaster and theirs a box to enter a disney employee discount code to get the tickets for £10 each instead of the normal price of £18, i was wondering if anyone had the code and they wouldn't mind passing on to me I would be realy thankfull for anyone one who could do this.
    Thank you


    its not really worth their job.


    its not really worth their job.

    Agreed :thumbsup:

    For most companies passing on their employee discount in any form other than a gift is discount abuse and if it can be proved would normally result in dismissal.
    Just trying to make you aware of what your asking someone to risk

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    Sorry didn't realise , just thought it must have been a promotion code to get rid of the last lot of tickets as it on next week and they normally don't have this option on the website, i wouldn't want anyone to risk their job for the sake of saving me £16 .

    enjoy HSM on ice it will be well worth the full price tickets..x
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