Disney movie rewards

    I have a Disney movie reward worth 100 points would like to trade.

    It is toy story 3 would like to exchange as I have already got this on my account can't use two of the same film.


    Moved to misc, these cannot be traded in the FS/FT. Feel free to offer them in misc.

    I have aToy Story 2 Blu-ray Combi (Blu-ray + DVD) code worth 150 disney points that i would like to trade for another code preferable for the same worth.

    I have used the following codes
    Toy Story Blu-ray Combi (Blu-ray + DVD)
    Toy Story 2 Blu-ray Combi (Blu-ray + DVD)
    Santa Paws DVD
    Wall e BD
    Up Blu-ray 150
    Toy Story 3 Blu-ray Doubleplay
    Monsters, Inc blu-ray
    Enchanted blu-ray
    cars blu-ray

    thanks jamski
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