Disney Pixar Up Instore

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get "Up" instore? I believe it is out today, and I don't want to wait for delivery, but don't want to pay over the odds!


    Tesco are selling for £9.97... That price shows on the website so should be the same price instore?!

    asda have it instore for £8 i believe


    asda have it instore for £8 i believe

    Asda are selling it for £10... Just popped down to my local store. I decided to just buy it as it's only 3pence more than Tesco :-).

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    Yes got it in Asda. Thanks for the replies.

    Anyone know the cheapest Blu-Ray price?

    £16 according to ]here


    £16 according to ]here

    That's online though, unless you're saying one of these places has the same price in their high street stores?

    I need it guaranteed to reach me by Friday for a birthday.

    Well according to that list it's £17 at Asda and Argos etc.

    I'll check ASDA then. If they're anything like HMV though web prices won't reflect online prices :thinking:

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    Asda is £17 something for the DVD and blu ray combo instore.

    Kind of annoying you can't get blu ray on its own!

    also want the blu ray, can only find on amazon the up superset at £17.88 delivered anyone else seen cheaper? this is the 4 disc version
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