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Disney Plus (annual to monthly membership)

Posted 25th Jan 2021
Hopefully this may help some of you not make the same mistake we did.

We purchased Disney Plus back around late February/early march last year when they had a promotion of an annual membership at £49.99(as I’m sure some of you did too). Seeing the news about the price increase thought we’d switch to paying monthly rather than paying for another annual subscription but because we’re an existing customer we’d get to keep the original price from 2020 (59.99 or £5.99 a month).

Logged into the Disney Plus website went to my account and could see no other option but an annual membership. I thought the only way to bring this monthly option up would be to cancel the subscription and then the option would appear.

Turns out no, it doesn’t. The option only appears at the end of the subscription BUT at this point I’d be considered a new customer so Disney would charge the new higher cost and now I’ve cancelled “the procedure is irreversible”. Disneys answer was to sign up before the new increased prices come into effect.

Seemed odd to me there’s no “I’ve changed my mind” option to cancel the cancellation so hope this helps someone.
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