Disney Plus Free for up to 12 months with prior purchase of select Samsung devices between 1/10/22-31/01/23 @ Samsung

Posted 16th Mar 2023
Eligible customers are those who have purchased a new eligible Samsung Galaxy S22 family device, Tab S8 family device, Z Fold3, Z Flip 3, Z Flip4 5G, Z Fold4 5G, S21FE or S20FE between 1st October 2022 and 31st January 2023. samsung.com/uk/…ey/
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  1. CourseFinder's avatar
    If any great person don't need it and would share it on PM with me, would be greatly appreciated!! Happy to share any code You need from student beans as thank you! 😁
  2. DylonsDad1991's avatar
    How do I get the code when I have scanned the QR and login because it doesnt do anything lol
    Little_Casper's avatar
    Try using the Samsung Boost app, Some people are having problems unfortunately; but some people are also having no problems using the site. If in doubt try the Samsung boost app and do one tap login.
  3. dorito's avatar
    Fantastic! Thanks.
  4. Andrew_Harwood's avatar
    Amazing! I thought I had missed out on this. Thank you.
  5. marteee's avatar
    Bonus, my young un got a S21 FE for xmas and our D+ sub runs out in a week, saved me a chunk!
  6. steve138's avatar
    It worked for me I am 13 months in on a s22 everything had expired.
    From the boost app on the phone scanning the qr code takes me to the boost app where I've managed to get another year of Disney and 3 months of youtube premium and readly. I could not get Spotify.
    blueyes74's avatar
    Thanks for that. Because a new promotion has started it didn't work on the new link. I'm going through Samsung chat to get it sorted. So far he's told me only 6 months on a s22
  7. steve138's avatar
    Working through them now but seems to work for other boosts  too. e.g. YouTube premium
  8. blueyes74's avatar
    I don't see anyone confirming it's worked
    marteee's avatar
    It did for me, I said as much above your comment!
  9. blueyes74's avatar
    Thanks OP I got codes on two s22 ultras. 12 months each. Lots of faffing about but got there in the end
    mgk's avatar
    did you get a code for each phone?
    I bought a s22 ultra and an S21 FE in December redeemed both QR codes to get the Disney code but didnt activate until end of March as I was still in a subscription.....didnt realise until I went to redeem the second code that Samsung had issued me the same Disney code...so I assumed it was one per Samsung account :-(
  10. Scarlet_Pimp's avatar
    just claimed for my s22+ i got before christmas.
  11. ANDYwwww987's avatar
    Anybody know anywhere selling codes - my Disney ends 25th of this month.
    Conkers816's avatar
    Mine ends on April the 9th. The method in this deal apparently works, although I can't try it again until Sunday due to some apparent issues with Google Pay. Should be £30 quid for the year.

  12. blueyes74's avatar
    I can't see a qr code or where to select Disney. I'm logged in to Samsung account. Do I need to be on the phone I purchased?
    ibobsy's avatar
    I am having the same problem.
  13. blueyes74's avatar
    Still can't get it working. Just end up in a loop back to scanning the qr code again :/
    Paddy_o_furniture's avatar
    Same issue
  14. KongDonkey's avatar
    I have a new galaxy Tab. Do I need the boost app from Samsung store? It's not there though.

    The website says to scan the QR code from your Samsung device but how does that work if I'm browsing the site from the tablet.
    It's asking me to scan a QR code on a website so if I open camera the QR code obviously disappears.
    It just seems to link back to the same web page anyway.
    Little_Casper's avatar
    You should be able to do it from the site, but I used the app and that worked for me.
  15. HUKDUs3r's avatar
    Long shot but, if anyone has a spare code please DM me. Boost doesn’t work on my device and CS aren’t able to help.
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