disney princess 14'' bike/ metal detector

    the cheapest i can find the disney princess 14 '' bike is 79.99 (it has to have baby seat on back)

    As for the metal detector all the ones i find seem to have read bad reviews

    help would be appreciated



    Look on ebay, you might be fortunate enough to get a good condition one that might be local for you to pick up, the bike I mean.

    we have the national geographical metal detector for my 7 year old which is not bad,I take it your wanting one for a child?

    Original Poster

    Hi really i wanted a new bike with it being a xmas present but thankyou. will have a look on off chance.

    Yes funny enough the metal detector is for my 7 year old son. Does yours pick up anything buried as i have read some bad reviews on this model

    well not buried deep but it's good enough for him

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