disney princess magical kitchen

    the cheapest i can find is toys r us is 79 quid (dont have a pound key)
    I want this soooo bad. I mean my daughter does. She cant talk yet but she really wants it lol.
    The ebay sellers aernt posting them, how rude? There are none for miles.
    Anyone seen one cheaper or is selling one.


    I was looking at kitchens too and can't find this any cheaper

    Noticed at Toys R Us that there is a max order of 3, why would you want more than 3?

    I quite like the look of the Step2 one at Tesco direct, but it's not a brand I'm familiar with and not sure whether to stick to Little Tikes?

    I'll keep searching and let you know!

    Original Poster

    thank you Mijooly

    found this for around 44.00?

    Try looking at this.…477 I have had seconds from them before. If you phone they will tell you what is wrong. It is usualy a damaged box or a slight scratch. All items are fully working and have all the parts. Apparently they have loads more stock instore if you live near there. Items change on a regular basis so worth keeping an eye out

    Disney Princess Magical Kitchen for £39.99 at toys r us. Dont know how long the offer will be on.…p25

    my little girl got it last xmas she to wanted it(but cudnt was 29.99 i think and my friend bought it for her little girl easter last yr and was also on offer for 39.99.i think it is on offer most of the time and thy jus put the price back up for a wk or so to justify the sal price.
    im gonna ruin it for u now and say dont bother it looks nice but thats about it ive had to take the batterys out asit just goes off randomley boilin the kettle by itself @ daft times,and a much as abigail likes it she'd much prefer a proper kitchen as such check out the pink one that elc do its gorgeous.

    agree with above got this for my daughter last year nightmare to put together goes off all the time middle of the nite etc so end up having to take the batterys out not worth the money
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