Disney store clearance heads up.

Found 5th Oct 2012
Popping this in misc as really it's store sepcific as to what is marked down. But today/tomorrow the stores have to remove all their sale stock for Christmas. So I was in there this morning and they were pricing all their sale stuff down to ridiculous prices. They said all stores would be doing similar...so just a note to say, if you are near one pop in.

Some examples. 5 packs pants £2. Full length pjs £5. Fancy dress £5. Hard back a4 art books £1. Slippers £2.50. Sticker collections £1.50.
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wow thanks
thanks will have a look. don't understand why they would sell their xmas stuff cheap almost 3 months beforehand.
read again, they aint selling off there xmas stock, there selling other stock off to make way for xmas stock.
do u know which stores cause i have to travel 30 miles to my nearest will make a special trip if i know when cause i want pjs for my2 boys
Oh wow....thaanks tinks. post this is deals (after i get back!)
just ringing mine
nope, the one in bluewater is the one that has been on for a while now. not much left apparently, but it does end tomorrow
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