Disney Treasure DVDs? Anyone a Disney expert?

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for some help if possible?

    I've got quite a few Disney Treasure DVD Tins, and was trying to work out how much they might be worth as they are just gathering dust at the mo? These are al the R1 dvds from America in the original collectors tins Does anyone know where I can find info on how much they might be worth? I've seen the odd few on eBay, but struggling with the rarer ones.

    I've got 18 in total. Details below;

    Chronological Donald Volume 2 (x2)
    The Complete Goofy
    Silly Symphonies
    Mickey Mouse in Living Colour
    Tomorrow Land
    Mickey Mouse in Black and White
    Chronological Donald Volume 1
    Disney Rarities
    Behind the scenes at the alt Disney Studios (x2)
    Mickey Mouse in Black and White volume two
    Walt Disney On the Front Lines
    Davy Crockett
    The Mickey Mouse Clubs
    DisneyLand USA
    Mickey Mouse in Living Colour volume two
    The Complete Pluto

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    Im a Disney collector , Disney dvds vary so much in price these days , if … Im a Disney collector , Disney dvds vary so much in price these days , if you want to sell them the only thing i can suggest is to list them on ebay with a starting price of how much you really want for them, if someone wants them they will pay for it. I would wait for a free listing day as if you list them over £10 the fees are huge.If you have figurines to value im your oh yes and remember to offer worldwide shipping or list them on .com ( you may get more for them in the USA)Ive seen Disney's song of the south on VHS go for £50+ and the copied dvd £20+ so your rare dvds could sell really well.I hope this helps

    Thanks very much, i never thought of listing to america too. It seems a bit of a minefield on prices. Is there a website that Disney collectors tend to use to advertise collectables? or is it just the likes of Ebay?

    I'm thinking it might be a good idea to keep hold of them for a few more years and see how things go if a £50 VHS is anything to go by.

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    this link my help … this link my help

    Thanks kwikemart, but its only the R1 at the bottom that are the same. From this it looks like £15 new and sealed, but the rarer ones aren't on here. Thanks for the info though - rep added

    Check on There are some very rare Disney Treasures for upto £150, but generally the prices are muck lower. With Amazon, you can set your selling price, and unlike ebay there is no listing fee so you pay nothing until your item sells. Good luck.
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