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Posted 18th Feb 2023
Hey guys
Before we were getting Disney+ supercheap with some deals from UK.
Now I would like to use my VPN to buy through Argentina (around 16£/year) but they are asking for bank account that matches the country.

With netflix i just bought a month with regular UK price and when I updated my payment into turkey with the VPN and now i am paying just 3£, but it doesn't work for Disney+.

I am pretty sure there is a way to do it. Has anyone tried any guide or something that could share with the community please?

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  1. johnny_storm's avatar
    I did this about a fortnight ago, via Turkey. Used NordVPN set to there. It ended up being £28.50 for the full year, as they increased the Turkish prices.

    I think the ones who got refunded paid the previous lower price and were able to resubscirbe.
    dannyguk91's avatar
    This!. Do the turkey method £28/29 depending on rates. No refund yet
  2. turtles1's avatar
    I believe they cracked down on it recently. Even to the point that they refunded people and closed the account.
    echobase's avatar
    Good. It’s basically fraud. 
  3. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Its a shame they wont let us find groups on here any more, I've had a group with other hotuk members for 3 years on disney making it really cheap for a year and someones just dropped out but admin wont let me advertise for a new member.
    I also have a 6 months code spare i got with my new s23
    Conkers816's avatar
    I think it's deeply hypocritical of them to have basically ended this while still allowing people to share links for android apk's and VPN's to circumvent the T's & C's of streaming services.

    Both situations are a breach of the T's & C's and yet only one has been banned.
  4. mrrsoles's avatar
    Gamivo did have 1 year subs going cheap. I've just looked and it's £40 for 6 months now
  5. kesersoze's avatar
    You can get 12 months for £13 on eBay. Shared account, but would you care?
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