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Posted 6th Nov
Considering a holiday to Disney world but don’t really know where to start, just looking for some advise on best place to purchase park tickets from.
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Do NOT whatever you do got to a timeshare presentation to get cheaper tickets.

We nearly got suckered into one in the summer, they sell them as got to a 2 hour tour and presentation then you can just walk out and claim you tickets. Luckily we decided not to do it as the next day we saw someone shouting at the sales girl that the 2 hour meeting actually lasted 5 hours + of pressure sales then was told they have to go back again the next day for another meeting before they would be given any tickets.
We are off to Disney next May and wow to book for 9 people...it was a headache to say the least!

As there are 3 kids coming, most sites with Flights etc. dont really accomidate that amount of people with kids and alot of times the prices shown didnt reflect the actual price from the 3rd parties.

Found going Direct to the Airlines was cheaper. Norweignen Air was by far the cheapest when we were looking by almost 2k and, you get more for your money but, might not be the case when you come to book it.

For Park Tickets, well buying them from where we booked the villa (worked out cheaper for all of us compared to a hotel) was alot cheaper. Place called debbiesvillas.co.uk/

I found MSE a good palce to start as they had tips and deals etc.

Next bit: Pre-ordering ride times! apprently its best to order your time for rides 180 days before going...fml!

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And im gonna check this out1 might help with the headaches!
i got the missus to book it all, hope that helped!
We booked with Virgin for everything including park tickets which aren’t much differently priced to anywhere else. But by doing it all with Virgin even those are ATOL protected. We didn’t want to buy them separate then holiday falls through and we’d be stuck with £3000 of park tickets
Also get yourself a Revolut card so you can transfer some spending money over to dollars instantly when the rates are high. We booked 18 months before we went so had 18 months to slowly pay and save for spending and when interest rates were excellent so got some dollars and when rates were low we paid some off the holiday.
Exciting times!
You can plan every detail, you can just book the bare minimum and go with the flow and everything in between.
I’m a planner and planning our holidays takes up a lot of time but I love it and it’s fun for me.
Think about what you want for your family out of the experience and that’s your blueprint.
YouTube and forums like the DIBB are a great place to start getting idea
Don't go in the summer holidays. Too hot by far, plus 1st sign of lightning (lots of summer thunderstorms) the big rides stop. Also avoid US Spring Break or other US public holidays. Have rest days. Orlando can be exhausting if you let it.
My favourite time, mid January. Low 70's and park virtually diserted.
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