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    can anyone help me find a cheap deal disneyland
    POSTED BY: bargainman 1 minute ago

    im looking to book a trip to disneyland florida for october and onwards into 2011 can anyone help me find a cheap flight from bristol birmingham all i can find is £435 each return its for 2 adults 2 children aged 5 , 14 or even any ways to get a deal on the disney resorts any help would be gratefully appreiciated


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    please help

    I think I know where you are going wrong Disneyland is in California, Disneyworld is in Florida.

    For flights check here -

    For anything you need to know about Disney try here-…ms/

    Also, Quidco gives 3% discount on the DisneyWorld site.

    Failing that try a travel agent!

    Best place for flight

    It will search all the major flight scanner sites, and get the best price. As the all have different mark-ups on their prices.

    you posted this yesterday

    id wait for a sale on tbh

    flights out seem to be that price
    however consider flying into tampa instead of orlando
    thats what we did and saved atleast £200 for all of us including a trip to new york

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    you posted this yesterday

    yes thats right but im having probs with my computer , i go on to hukd and im already logged in and cant see my replys etc doing my box in:x
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