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    just wondered if anyone has been on a flydrive and / or a disney resort if so would you say there was much differance as in getting to the theme parks and also value wise ,were thinking of going sept/oct 2011 best price is just under 3000 pound but room only and people have said food is rather exspensive any help would be gratefull


    check out the, you will get all the info you need

    Went to florida last year and stayed in Disney Hotel - Port Orleans.
    At the hotel the free buses came every 15 minutes for each of the resorts.
    We had a car which we drove from airport to hotel......then back again two weeks later!
    We also got the Disney eating plan which again for me was great. Could eat in hotel, at the parks (at certain places) and also some places in Downtown.
    Hope this helps

    hi we went in july, parking at disney parks is roughly £14 a day.. we stayed on international dr. in a hotel which had a free shuttle bus, once you get to a park you can always get on a disney bus which will take you to any park or water park.. hope this helps..

    Off to Florida in 3 weeks ........ yipeeeeeeeeeee

    Not staying at disney hotels though, sorry.


    Only ever stayed in villas which can work out cheaper if in a big group
    It's worth shopping around as you may find cheaper than £3000

    Food expensive? Nah. Its cheaper than here.

    How many of you are going? we went in Aug for 2 weeks. 6 of us was only £5000. I am sure you can get it a lot cheaper in sept out.

    Plus, try the Disney Dining Plan, I am sure if your a member of the AA you can get more money off the price they quote u.
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    We stayed at disney movies resort - bit like an up market butlins but much nicer.
    Food very exspensive at Disney hotels. Wehave stayed on international drive 3 times before and the rooms are nice in all the motels. Food in sizzlers, golden coral, ponderosa works out about £8 each for eat as much as you like. Make use of the free shuttle buses because it saves loads on parking fees.

    Opps forgot to mention september and october is still floridas hurricane season. we have been in november everytime and the weather is great, shorts and t-shirt weathe and the parks are empty so no long quese for the rides.

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    hi could you please tell me more about the eating plan does it confide you to certain resturants and what dining plan did u have and what did you get please

    take empty bags, we did and got back today clothes so cheap and brilliant quality go to JC Penny buy one small thing get the recept go back to hotel and do survey with receipt and they give you a code write it down and taker into JC Penny and on Saturday they have a 15% off sale so with the code 25% off anything, we just missed it but all the sales are starting now, I bought 8 bikinis for $1.39 each at Old Navy in the florida Mall (the other Old Navy;s had not reduced theirs so shop around) also places like Dennys and Wendy's and Taco Bell, cheap inexpensive lunch Taco Bell only 99 cents for Burrito etc.
    there is a hurricane out there and I am not sure but it was supposed to have more updates today but we left last night, but dont worry I was in Charlie, Francis and Ivan got to stay a little longer as Virgin would not fly out so had extra holiday and nobody was hurt
    Have a lovely time but dont take too much you will find you will be buying things and wearing them as they make their clothes thinner -and I think much better quality. It was 95 every day when we were there but rained occasionally in the evening arounf the same time 6 - 7 ish but still very warm and the rain was quite welcoming.

    on a slightly different subject......

    why are flights to Orlando so much more expensive than they used to be?
    This time of year flights can normally be had for around 250 - 300 pounds but I flights are coming in around 450 - 500 for two weeks from Manchester in early october

    I paid £275 from Gatwick on 2nd September

    who did you fly with octobergirl ?


    I paid £275 from Gatwick on 2nd September

    who did you fly with?
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