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    Hi was thinking of booking to go two weeks to disneyland florida was wondering wheres the cheapest place to book whats the cheapest and less busy time and is it cheaper to book flights and accomodation seperate or do a package etc.... any advice welcome


    Hi, Went to florida about 9 years ago... not sure if i can give you any useful info but we stayed on International Drive. Its like a resort area (with loads of competitve hotels). Its near to all the major attractions with regular buses. (Sea world, Universal, disney land where close - also many eating places / entertainment places). :thumbsup:



    Get yourself over to] the Dibb.

    I always find it much cheaper when you book everything sperately, no question.

    Assuming you can go any time of the year then there are some VERY VERY BUSY times to avoid, like Easter, Christmas, Thaksgiving etc. Also, if you can, avoid the childrens school holiday period.

    It is also VERY VERY hot and humid in the summer, JULY & AUGUST, so avoid those times. It is no fun walking round a theme park and standing in a queue in 100 degrees of heat.

    There are some quieter times. I went in February a few years ago. The weather was really nice (high 70s low 80s) and the parks were not that busy. They do have presidents weekend in February, but it is only for the weekend (like our Bank Holiday) and the rest of the time it was quiet.

    There are plenty of books about going to Florida, and if you are going to spend a few thousands on a holiday to florida it is worth spending £20 on a couple of books before you go.

    A book like this (there are others)…8-1

    One extra thing.

    You say you want to book for "disneyland florida".

    Do you mean disneyland or just the general Orlando area (to include Disneyland).

    There is more to Orlando than Disney. Universal studios have two great parks and a few hotels, and there are parks like Wet and Wild and Sea world that are not Disney. There are also plenty of hotels in the area that are not Disney (but near the attractions). Someone has already mentioned "International Drive" and there are loads of hotels in that area.

    You should decide whether you want to stay at a Disney hotel and do the Disney parks, or at a hotel outside Disney and do some of the other parks and activiites.

    Staying at a Disney hotel is more expensive, but it does have other advantages like tickets to see the parks, and free transport from the Disney hotels to the parks.

    Dont underestimate the size of the Disney complex, it is about the size of Manchester. The various parks are spread out all over the place, and they can be miles from each other (and miles from the hotels).



    It is also VERY VERY hot and humid in the summer, JULY & AUGUST, so avoid … It is also VERY VERY hot and humid in the summer, JULY & AUGUST, so avoid those times. It is no fun walking round a theme park and standing in a queue in 100 degrees of heat.

    The torrential rain storms at 3pm every day are fun though!!! :w00t:

    hi - travel 2wice a year to Orlando and like to get the best deal so heres a few tips
    Book everything seperately needless to say book flights use C/Card so its protected
    you dont mention location but Flyglobespan give fair rates (although planes themselves are often delayed!)
    KLM/Delta are the cheapest from Edin via Amsterdam but that depends on if you fancy a stopover (I like a break to stretch legs etc )
    Floridavillasdirect to book a villa for 2 weeks in the Championsgate area or Remington which are gated community areas (safe) and usually upgraded for free (say you book a 3 bedroom you get a 4bed etc)
    travelex for online purchase most competitive dollar rate exchange for ticket deals
    or buy direct from disney from uk your disney tickets they mail them to you (photocopy them before you fly incase you lose them!!!)
    Disneys hotel resorts are pricey but the Allstar Music resort is best value if you are treating the kids!
    check some books out the library there are some rough guides to Orlando
    If you are planning to drive you soon get the hang of the roads and Budget do good deals but never prepay fuel unless you more than one driver (and always order a compact - they are fab for free upgrades as all the americans want compacts and the tourists get upgraded! mind you fueling up a bigger car can pinch the pocket a little)
    One year villas were hard to get we found a local private hire through a UK owner. Place was nice. £800 for a 4bed for 3 weeks Villa in secure area with a safe, pool, etc! so there are deals to be had with a bit of looking.

    Personally, always avoided I-Drive, found it a little tacky! and busy traffic but if you are reliant on local transport everything is within walking distance and you'l be out every night doing something different!

    there was one on here yesterday for flight to Orlando for £217 from Manchester for 2 weeks but it was going on the 5th February - hotels are really cheap out there and sleep 4 some with breakfasta and you can get a decent one for about £35 p n

    Hi. I went a good few years ago now and stayed in the cheapest Disney hotel, "music", I think it was.

    Although this may seem a little more expensive than on I-Drive etc the hotel was like a 5 star European hotel. Also all travel to all parks and all entry tickets were included because we stayed in a Disney hotel so this sved us a fortune.

    Plnning on going again in a few years when my 19 month old is a little older and would defo stay like this again, no question. Thats assuming tickets etc are still included.

    Hope that helps little.
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