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Found 19th Jun 2010
Hi, I'm planning on going Florida pretty soon and was shocked at the prices to get into Disneyland £225 pounds for an adult and £200 for a kid :O :O , is there any way of purchasing a ticket on the day for only one day if not is there any sites any one would recommend?


this has the one day ticket prices on the gate, $83 dollars (£50ish) for adults, obviously get value for money if you go lots of times! have fun

Disney magic your way tickets are probably best, think I'm doing the same when we go this year.
The website below is offering a 3 day ticket with a free upgrade to 5 days for adult £156.76 child £133.78


Rayhul - Are you sure you only want to go for one day? There's a number of theme parks located within the Walt Disney World Florida - As far as I'm aware, a one day pass would only get you into one theme park. Take a look at disneyworld.disney.go.com/parks/ . There's....;
-Magic Kingdom Park
-Animal Kingdom
-Hollywood Studio

That's four, plus you have two water parks. You really need to spend at least a day in each park if you want the full experience. Whilst £225 may seem like a lot - it could actually be very worth while if you spend 7-9 days of your holiday in the theme parks.

IF you only want to have limited time in the parks, you can go secure.orlandovillas.com/par…spx - get the "Disney 3 Day Base" which automatically upgrades to a five day pass. For that, you get 5 days in any parks you want (I think you could go to multiple parks in one day) and you have 14 days in which to use all the 5 days you're entitled to. Price is: Adults £156.76, Children £133.78. That may well be a better option for you depending on what you want to do. Works out just over £30 a day for the adults which it a really good price.

Anymore questions, feel free to ask.


I'm off to America on Monday for 5 1/2 weeks, going to Houston but have asked my uncle about taking me to Disney world. my uncle works on the weekend so will be monday-thursday(maybe friday), any recommendations on which order it's best to vist the different parks?

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thanks guys for all the info, repped. and thanks ryan will look into all of this a lot more. (Y)
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