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Found 10th Jun 2010

Does anyone have the link for the site which gives access to disneyland paris tickets for 19 Euros? Ive seen people selling them on ebay, and noticed its a french site, Searched on Google France and found lots of links but unfortunately cant read french .

Have searched on MSE and here but cant find anything.

Any help much appreciated.
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I would really like to know this too as been looking for Disney tickets next month and come across this on ebay. I emailed the seller of the vouchers who said they had no unique codes on them to redeem but when I asked if I could then just photocopy it and use it for all 3 days she said I would need to buy 3 :thinking:
right- its something to do with Danone who have run an offer in partnership with disney- just struggling to find a link but its out there somewhere.
the link to buy the tickets at 19 euros each is


Its the French Disneyland Paris offical website but you can make most of it out by guessing. You have to pay for the tickets then and there from what I can make out- then they email you the ticket to print out
Hi again lol- I've spent all afternoon and managed to get hold of the pdf that you present to the window at disneyland to get the 19 euro tickets. Just follow this link and download the pdf file and print- simples. Hope this helps. When you planning on visiting- I'm going the 26th- if you try this and it works or doesn't will you let me know

Thankyou so much!

You are a lifesaver, I quite a few hours trying to search to no avail!

You should post a deal, I am sure it would heat up, also make a listing on ebay and offer it for free or a very reduced price. Thanks again!

Am not going until July, so let me know how you get on!

Yeah- sorry I'm going 26th July. That lady on ebay was a right con artist- £4 something for the voucher but saying I would need to pay her three times for three days worth when they have no info on it to stop you using it everyday. Feel like buying it and leaving her a negative as I hate all that cashing in- would rather share the info with people. I may do a listing on ebay and give people the info for free to put a view people's noses out of joint
Hi everybody - just want to say that I found the link and used the vouchers a couple of weeks ago. I had no problem at all getting in except for one day when the lady asked me where I had got the voucher from as I wasn't french. We had already thought they might ask this so I said my husband was working in france and she accepted that. So you just need to be ready with that answer if they ask you at the ticket office. I found the link and printed about six of these off and used three. We gave the other three away to Brits on our campsite who were all really grateful. Hope they do the offer next year so we can go again. Disney tickets are way too expensive especially for larger families.
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