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Found 30th Nov 2017
So without the complete sob story..... I was going to book disney last night with the Half Board and 20% discount so for 2 nights 3day at the ranch it was working out at £770 now... its 990 and food ontop! Gutted - my question is, does anyone know of any sites other than Magic breaks and Disney Holidays and Disney Paris are there any other sites that i could try?
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there are other sites, even booking.com - but if you don't book through the disney thing you don't get the free park tickets so you have to work out what's best

also how are you working out the food costs? when we went last month the average "meal" in the park itself was 15 eur, hotdog + fries - 15 eur, fish + chips - 15 eur, tacos - 15 eur

then the restaurants by our hotel was 30 eur per person for the buffet and you had to buy drinks separately

also all the shops there are really expensive for sweets/snacks if you want anything like that - you'd be best packing some snacks tbh

how many of you are going?
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I did find a few places without tickets but by the time you add on 3 days it gets pricey was looking at going half board its 238 extra. There's 5 of us. Thank you for getting back much appreciated xx
I would recommend going through Disneyland and getting the half board. The meal vouchers are worth €27 an adult and you can use them at any of the Disneyland or Disney village restaurants if it comes to more than that at the posher restaurants you just pay the difference which was usually only a couple of euros. We saved a fortune having the meal plan.
How about 365tickets.com not sure how relevant for you but i saved some money with ticket prices
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its alright, i was just checking there were know other sites to book a disney holiday from thanks guys xx
cant afford it now the price has changed xx
hmm yeah, depends when you're planning to go - if you have time to wait then I would just wait for another offer to pop up cause they aren't that rare, before this 20% one they were doing 25%
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yeah it was already a kick when the 25% changed to 20% but with the half board and discount its a £400 swing not to worry. We would need to go asap to be honest. So its looking like a no go xxx
Found this really old thread on here about saving money by booking through French site.
might be of some use/investigation Here
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We managed to book through the french website cost £811 euro for half board 2night 3days and photo pass! thankyou toptrumpet for the advice and everyone else
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We managed to book through the french website cost £811 euro for half …We managed to book through the french website cost £811 euro for half board 2night 3days and photo pass! thankyou toptrumpet for the advice and everyone else

Hi Sarah
I'm contemplating going in January for my birthday (they have a star wars event going on). Was 2 nights, 3 days enough to see the whole park and get on all the attractions you wanted to? How was the half board offer? Good value? Nice food? Which accommodation did you stay at? There seems to be quite a few!
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We stayed at davy crockets its basic and you need a car, we had fast pass because my hubby has cystic fibrosis - so without it we wouldnt have managed to get round - ques were 45-70min for rides so we avoided that. Half board was worth it because a meal for 5 was a crazy £150 ish but you have to book your restaurants in advance (we didnt) and booking in everywhere was full. Id highly recommend the photo pass got some lovely family photos, Jan will be quite everyones there for the pretty lights at this time of year so its busy but its sooooo beautiful xx
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