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Posted 7th Feb
I am looking for 3 days in Disneyland paris around march april for family of 4, any help with discounts appreciated .
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Don’t think there will be any? Just the deals offered through Disneyland website itself.
As above. I’ve looked a few times over the last couple of years and the cheapest deals have always been on the Disneyland site. We just booked for the summer with the ‘free’ half board and €100 offer which is the best deal going at the moment. Not sure if there’s anything around for April though, if you’re booking through someone else just be very careful it’s all legit.
Also we had topcashback track at 6% which for us will pay for the Eurotunnel when confirmed
thank you all
EzDeal1808/02/2020 09:35

thank you all

Have you consider going by coach they often have some fantastic value package trips if you can put up with the journey.

I went with Gold Crest and had an amazing trip, bonus with coach travel is more luggage allows you to take drinks/foods/snacks and save further which you can’t do if you fly.

National holidays do trips or just google Disney coach trips
This thread might be of use to you.
Double check the Disneyland Paris French website as it’s often cheaper than the ‘.co.uk’ one.
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