Disneyland Paris

    What's the cheapest way to book a 3 day 2 night stay at Disneyland Paris for 30th march
    Wanna surprise my little boy for his birthday
    Cant really afford the £700 I've been quoted , just wondered if anyone knew any cheaper ways


    we did eurostar, 2 night stay, £300 - not sure if its still the same

    first time we booked through tour operator 2nd time we booked the flights with easyjet and the santa fe (the cheaper of the hotels but nice enough and shuttle bus service to park prob only about 5mins away of that) through clippersquay travel first time cost us just short of £900 second time was under £400 granted a night less (3nights 4 days)

    i agree with above - we are just back form our 3rd trip - and to be honest the time you spend in the hotel is so small - almost literally to sleep - that it doesn't need to be fab.

    Tip - in the railway station just before the park there is a spar type shop - get your food and drink there before you go in the park - its much cheaper

    2 adults 1 year 6 old and one 1 year old looking to go in July/August - Any tips people? Live 2 miles outside Newcastle Airport, so flying is def an option

    id like to know cheaper options too. keep looking but it seems so expensive!

    Look into not stopping in Disneyland itself but a local hotel with good connections.
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