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Found 1st Jun 2010
Hi we are going to Disneyland Paris in 10 days, would love any help and getting from the airport to Disney. I have looked at getting the disney transfer shuttle bus but it works out expensive as we are a party of six (4 adults 2 Kids). If anyone has any tips, advise or been and can recommend anything H+R will be added.
Thanks in advance.
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Went last xmas, but i drove accross from Dover-Calais-DisneyLand. What I can say is that the Trainstation in Dislneyland is outside the Disney Park & studio. If you can get a train to Disneyland then there are feree shuttle buses running every 10 minutes to your hotel from the Disneyland Parks. The shuttle buses are literally outside the trainstation, just to the right as you come out. YOu might want to look at a train ticket/ underground ticket from Airport to Disneyland, I guess it wil be far cheaper option, especially a family ticket may well have some savings. We stayed at Santa Fe. Excellent place, excellent Staff, highly rated. Enjoy its gr8!
you could take the metro presuming your landing at CDG airport which would work out much cheaper then the bus to the park....

Use this link to plan your journey.


Remember to change category to station

Starting from Charles de Gaulle
Going to Marne-la-Vallee Chessy (disneyland)

When going to the park try going in as early as you can ie as soon as it opens as most of the rides can be quite empty at the time especially the train ride around the park inside the disney park which is quite fun and cool. Plus you get to see some of the characters. as you walk in.

Be warned food and drink can be quite expensive in and around the park. Theres a parade that starts around 2pm if i remember right.... if you can make your way right to the top of the park have lunch round there and would make it ideal point to get the camera pics in as the parade goes by.

I have a old spare park guide from Jan - March 2008 if you can can pop it in the post to you.
The parades were at 5pm over xmas.

Another TIP.. If you have Full Board meals, which I hope you do as its very expensive to buy food there otherwise, You can ring the hotel reception and reserve a restaurant for the evening meal, I didnt know what was best so aske dthem to make a recommendation for a family and they were spot on every time, mainly international buffets. By making a reservation, even if you have meal tickets means you dont have to queue up, you walk straight in past the queue, The queues for food can be an hour long, that evening meal/ food. Not day time, which can also be long. Its like 2.60 Euro for a drink out of a vending machine in the parks & hotels, even crisps are like over a Euro. As we drove we filled the boot with drinks & snacks from a local supermarket fro £20. Has we bought all those snacks out there would have spent £150 on snacks alone. One thing you can do is when you get to Paris, if you can get to a local supermarket and bulk buy all your snacks from there before hitting the hotel, I promise you could save hundreds, because they really RIP you off. Luckily i drove in winter , the boot was like an ice box anyway at the time so everything we purchased from local supermarket stayed ultra cool
Thank to you both, we have booked the full board option, will definately reserve a table in advance. Hoping to raid the breakfast buffet for snacks!
Thanks again and if you remember anything else please feel free to post again. x
also just remembered theres a ride in euro disney looking at the map is called its a small world (will post guide out to you ride num 35) If its still there please dont waste your time on it! Its the most boring and useless ride in my opinion. Slow boat ride that has non disney characters and kinda takes you around the world etc but i really recommend you dont go on it!

We come out of it thinking what a waste of good space.

Also as soon as you get in make sure you note down all the show times and where they are...on our trip we missed the tarzan show in disneypark as we didnt make note of them
Small World is fantastic. The true spirit of Walt Disney.
Great music too.
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